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Gamifying Current Resources – A Way to Engage Learners to a Remote Learning

Against the background of a lack of research and pedagogical awareness of how testing results – marks – differ depending on the testing instrument type, this experience is aimed at exploring students’ responses – during the Quarantine – to two distinct types of assessment platforms available: traditional, paper-and-pen testing instrument, and digital, computer-based testing resources.

Subjects in the research were seventh grade students at Colegio Patricio Lynch in Vaparaiso. Data gathering was conducted by means of the application of a questionnaire, and the two types of assessment instrument. Data therefore collected and key results and findings were summarized and categorized. After applying the action, it was found that students’ performance was noticeable higher when test using a digital testing instrument.

The findings have implied crucial pedagogical and research insights, particularly towards a better understanding of and reform of testing materials.

Juan Guevara
Colegio Patricio Lynch de Valparaíso

Profesor de Inglés del Colegio Patricio Lynch de Valparaíso, Diplomado en American Cultural Studies en Universidad de Chile y Magister en Lingüística aplicada a la enseñanza de idiomas de la Universidad de Playa Ancha. Integrante de la red Maestros de Maestros. Semifinalista del Global Prize Teacher Chile 2019 y ganador del premio nacional “Oracy Teacher Award” entregado por la English Speaking Union Chile.